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50 year old backglass collection

   Pinball Art USA is delighted to partner with Mel and host his collection of pinball backglass.  Pinball backglass has been a large part of Mel's life these last 50 some years.  It began with an interest that built into a passion.   Mel acquired a large amount of his collection from a Bally Distributorship in New Jersey in the 1970's.  Until recently, most of Mel's collection had remained in the containers the manufacturer shipped to the distributor.  All the collection has endured the move in Mel's life.

   Now, in retirement, it was time for Mel to share his collection with others.  He has asked Pinball Art USA to offer his collection on our website.   Among the collection are 152 backglass with 66 different images.  The condition of these backglass range from mint to average and a few broken. Backglass are fragile after all.

   Viewers will find Mel's collection an assortment of beauty and history with themes so prevalent in the history of backglass art.   You are invited to view and purchase Mel's backglass for your own machine or add to your personal collection.   Mel has pledged his portion of the sale proceeds to go to a charitable organization of his choice.                                                                         By: Dick McNicholas, Pinbll Art USA,LLC

View Mel's "The Real Thing" NOS Collection 

Below is an entire quick view, but scroll for more details, ratings, and prices on each glass.