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   A dream became an idea.  

The idea took hold and teamed
up with imagination and

experience.  Pinball Art USA

came into existence in March

of 2017.
   The dream was to preserve a

part of history that is slipping 
further from reality and would

soon live on only in museums 
and memories.  Pinball Art

USA's founder, a successful pinball machine route owner of over 1,200 games, would often recall fond moments of  "the good old days", whenever he would come into contact with an occasional game found in the corner of a restaurant or garage. Rarely would there be a machine in pristine condition.  One of the most notable features of damage, and extremely hard to repair, was the backbox glass.
   The idea of rebuilding these pinball games, to be enjoyed into the future, depended upon restoring the most 
vulnerable part of the machine, it's backglass. Chipping, fading, cracking, and peeling paint has become the enemy that time has rarely been able to stop.  So, thanks to the experience of being in the industry for many years made it possible to ask permission of collectors and former associates to take photographs of their remaining pinball game backglasses.  The beginning was with a collector, and long time friend, who has a collection of over 50 games.
   The process of restoring these images became an ongoing obsession and desire to find every game made, and photograph what was left of the backglass before time would take it's toll. There are at present over 1,100 backglass and marquee images retained by Pinball Art USA, half of which have been recaptured to their original beauty.  This is a long process and an expensive undertaking, but the hunt to find these treasures to share keeps the dream alive.
   To share this style of art became the theme that sparked the imagination, which has led to the production of products now available to everyone. From wall decor to jigsaw puzzles, and even repaired replacements for your pinball machine, pinball memorabilia will continue to fascinate future generations.  That is our goal, and we are getting there.

   If you share the love of pinball, as so many others do, and if you know of a collection that is just waiting to be photographed, to join Pinball Art USA's unique quest, please let us know. Pinball Art USA is licensed and authorized by the intellectual property owners, to collect and restore these outstanding, but deteriorating backglasses to their original beauty, and then offer them up as products to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Rock Star
Nine Ball
Poker Face Jigsaw Puzzle
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power play
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