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Dick is a native Oregonian that was introduced to the game of pinball while living in Australia in the ‘70’s.  After later returning to the United States he started an amusement machine route. Dick owned over 2500 game machines and operated hundreds on a route in the Pacific Northwest.


He was a contributing writer at two of the industry publications and later wrote and published “Amusement Machine: Your Route to Success” a how-to-do-it book on starting and successfully operating an amusement route.  His greatest passion in all of his businesses was the 25 years spent in the amusement and vending business. Now in his retirement, Dick is creating his 18th business and doing it online. His love of game machines sparked an appreciation for the art of the backglass from pinball machines and then the marquees from video games.  

Many now adorn the halls and walls of his office as a testament to his appreciation for the art. Dick now wants to share his appreciation with you. You now have the opportunity to adorn the walls of your home or office today. Perhaps you’ll find among Dick’s ever expanding collection* something that brings back those fun memories playing games at the arcade, neighborhood pool hall, or down at the local 7/11 grocery store.


All were filled with your favorite pinball and video games.   Once you hang this art on your walls you will see just how much your mood can change simply by placing pinball art on the walls of your home or office.  Friendships, laughter and memories are associated with arcade games.  Put your memories up on your walls and share them with your friends.  


* If you have a special request or are looking for a       specific piece,  please let me know.  

President of Pinball Art USA. 

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